Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Holidays!

The holidays, like usual, are quickly approaching. And every year, I wonder where the hell the time has gone. Seriously, though, it's ALREADY December 2nd and that means we have 29 more days left of 2014! WTF :/

Facebook has decided to be a douche again. Starting on January 1st (I believe, I didn't really pay attention this time), they are making changes again. Yep. So, less of my page likes are going to see my posts. Less people are going to know about any of my books. They said if you pay money to boost your posts, then it will help significantly. Yeah, well, Mark (yeah, I'm getting first name basis with him), I don't have money to shell out to a FREE page. What sucks even more is - there are several authors that have announced that they pay to boost their posts and they don't do SHIT :/ This makes me even more frustrated.

I'm trying really hard to find new platforms to get you teasers and of course to let you know I have posted on here... I don't quite get Twitter, but you'll see posts on there because it's connected to my author page. Google + is slowly being understood haha! Please don't forget about me. I'll be sad. Seriously.

With the holidays here - if you are looking for a gift - Dark Secret, Wicked Spell and Careful What You Wish For have AMAZING covers and would be awesome gifts. If you are interested - contact me and we can work through PayPal and order them and I can personally sign them :D It can be a gift for yourself or someone special <3

I hope you have a safe and amazing holiday, whatever that you celebrate. I also hope that if you do happen to read Careful What You Wish For, that you'll leave me a review. I love to hear what you thought about it :D xoxox

Here is the link if you are interested on getting it. http://amzn.com/B00OGRD4YM

Also - here is my author page to message me if you are interested in ordering a paperback www.facebook.com/authormichellee

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm on a rant roller coaster, please use caution

I have written a post on Facebook about a thousand times and deleted it a thousand times. Not possible? Yeah, I've written it and deleted little pieces and then deleted the whole thing, knowing that I would get burned at the stake for saying something. However, I can't hold it in for much longer. SO please don't give up on me or hate me for what is about to be typed out.

Here's the thing. I'm about to give up. Yep. It's coming down to it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to write. LOVE when I hear you liked my story(ies). I LOVE when I get a review. However, what I don't love at all -

making me feel like $2.99 is too much for a book. Yes, I've actually had a couple messages that have come to me saying they want to read it but it's too much right now. I know how times are. I've been broker than broke before. I once lived off Cup of Noodles for a week, skipping breakfast and eating it for lunch and dinner because I had no money and those bad boys are 0.28. My early 20's sucked.

Sure, right now I am able to stay home with my kids and make real dinners for them and have that big Styrofoam cup on occasion. However, I had made the decision the beginning of this year that I wanted to be a full time writer. I enjoy writing that much that I was willing to put my heart and soul into books. I am finishing up college now (ps waiting until your 30's to finish school is tough with kids homework and yours at the same time), and when I tell everyone that I am going for finance or accounting - you can hear the sarcasm in my voice when I said I'm excited about it. Accounting - it often bores me. I get it and I can do it just fine, but ummm hello? What fun is really in accounting?

Writing, when I released my books I would humbly say I'm an author. Sure. I'm not a big name and nor do I think or tell anyone that I am.

BUT, after realizing my sales at 2.99 are near nothing.... it's so hard. I'm not going to go into how many books I don't sell or do sell. I am going to say that they skyrocketed when I put my books at 0.99. I love when there is a sale! I LOVE when my favorite clothing store has their annual sale and I can get clothes for next season on sale, but if it's worth it - I will pay full price. Now, again I'm not saying I'm a big name and you have to pay full price for it, but let me put some things into perspective...

My editor - I have to pay her. My book cover - I have to pay for. Any sort of money that comes in for my books goes straight toward them. And that's just the beginning... Here is what self published authors roughly make -

At 2.99 and up, self-published authors make 70% of that sale (this is all on amazon.), so I make 2.09 off of that. Not bad, not bad at all. Except when we put the book 1.99 and under (0.99) it's only 35% of that sale. So when I mark it to 0.99 I make a whopping 0.34. Yep I can't even buy a stamp. Sure, I don't HAVE to make my books 0.99, but I do understand the hard times of book lovers and they need to have some sort of break.

I didn't want to come off as a horrible person. I'm not writing JUST for the money, cause lets face it - it's not a lot of money. I am in it for the love of writing, but I have to admit, the extra money is nice. I had hoped that I could do this as a career and it's sort of depressing to be told that my books are too expensive and if I do it less than what I put into it, I make less than someone working at fast food (there is NOTHING wrong with that at all), I 'm just making a simple observation. I make WAY less than minimum wage. It's just hard to hear that it's too much when I'm not making anything.

If this posts upset you and think that I'm a jerkburger, I'm so sorry. By no means did I mean to offend you. I am honored to have you as a reader. I just had to get this off my chest. I wanted to put it into a small post on why I don't respond to you after you tell me that I really want to read your book but it just is too much... I'll wait until it goes on sale. *insert eye twitch here* Sorry, but that was below the belt.

I do love you guys. I do. I'm sorry to have unloaded this huge rant onto you. I just thought I'd enlighten :/ Sorry. xoxox

Monday, November 3, 2014

Today's word of the day....

I suddenly feel, after writing the title of the post, like Jim Carrey in the Cable Guy. Horrible Movie, but clever lines that will live with me forever. *whispers* Hello Steven, the password is..... nipple hahaha!!!

Okay, well the word of the day is not nipple. Not even close. It's actually PLEASE.

Please, other people's kids, stop getting me sick.

Please, can you post something (I ask this almost daily of my blogger friends and they are amazing)

Please don't stick that in your mouth (I bet you're hoping I'm talking about my kids... I'll never tell)

AND last but NOT least -

PLEASE leave a review!

I know at least a few people have read Careful What You Wish For. I am SOOO appreciative that you took the time out to read it. It would mean the world to me if you left me a review. Sure, it would break my heart if it were a 1 star, but honestly, I would love to know what I did horribly wrong. I want to improve my books. If I get a 5 star - Yes! I did my job! I want to earn every star from my readers.

Anyway, that's all I really have for today. I have a chest cold that is onto my next victim - my son. And the man cold obviously starts at a young age, cause my daughter has a the start of it and she's not nearly as whiney.

All that aside, Careful What You Wish For is on tour this week AND I'm having the release party!!

I have some AMAZING authors doing a takeover on Wednesday (the party), so be sure to come check it out! The schedule is:

Me 8:00
Danielle Vanzandt 9:00
AC Bextor 10:00
Layla Stevens 11:00
Lora Ann 12:00
Nykki Mills 13:00
Danielle Jamie 14:00
Lena Black 15:00
Ashleigh (AE Neal) 16:00
Carrie Fox 17:00   30 min
Liv Morris 17:30   30 min
Sam JD Hunt 18:00
Cory Cyr 19:00
Aurora Zahni/Orry 20:00
Lucian Bane 21:00
Me 22:00  

THEN here are the blogs that are helping me with my tour :D

Hooked on Books 4-Nov
Bex n Books 5-Nov
Pair of Okies 6-Nov
Midwest 6-Nov
Lost in a book 6-Nov
Just one more page 10-Nov
author groupies 10-Nov
Crazy Daisy 11-Nov
Southern belle 11-Nov
sexways 12-Nov
Eskimo Princess 12-Nov
just booked 12-Nov
Give me books 13-Nov
Confessions of a Book Whore 14-Nov
Cover to Cover 14-Nov
this redhead loves books 14-Nov
Rockstars reviews 14-Nov
Naughty girls
jrsbook reviews

and just cause he is super sexy...

Lots to look forward to this week. Help me celebrate on Wednesday - and most of all maybe help MY wish come true and maybe top a chart :) Yeah, it's a bit of a reach, but it's my wish :D Thanks for all your support guys xoxox

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween my little ghosts and goblins!

Halloween is my favorite 'holiday'. One night to be something or someone completely different, free candy and as you get older, free adult beverages LOL. But seriously, there is something about Halloween that I absolutely love.

Since I love this day, I decided to make it like my Christmas and put the books up for sale! Dark Secret, Wicked Spell and Careful What You Wish For are all on sale this weekend only. SOOOOO get your sweet fix with Careful What You Wish For. Your witch fix from Dark Secret and your warlock fix from Wicked Spell.

All three book are zero calories, but I can't be responsible for the calories you eat WHILE reading. ;)

Anyway, I have two kids that are going to get me candy... I mean... I'm taking trick-or-treating tomorrow and then staying home away from all the crazies that I've seen to run into this week. With that being said - please be safe everyone. Don't drink and drive. It's not worth it. Don't eat all the candy. It's not worth it. Read the books. Totally worth it.

Anyway stay safe and remember to join in the release party event and keep an eye out - CWYWF (Careful...) is on blog tour starting on Tuesday! xoxox

Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Save An Author - Read A Book

Hi guys!

Careful What You Wish For is officially out! I'm sure you have seen me posting a million places. I'm not sure if you are actually seeing any of them cause Facebook really sucks at putting feeds out there - but I think with my posting every hour or so, you're bound to see ONE of them, right?

I know that all I do is seem to rant on here, but I gotta take a moment to let a little steam -

I saw a post of another author talking about book sales are at their all time low. However, when a book goes on sale for .99, sales increase. Yeah, I'm all about getting things on sale and using coupons, but when it comes to this I can't seem to keep doing. Don't worry- I will have sales. I just can't afford to have my books stuck at .99. Here's the thing about what indie authors make:

At 0.99 on KDP Amazon we make 35% of those sales. So of that 0.99 I make 0.34. Yeah. I make sweat shop prices haha or at least that is what my husband once compared it to. I'm not trying to complain about sales, I LOVE to see I have new readers coming in. I just hope you like the book at that point. I'm by no means trying to sound like I live off this, but some authors - they do. Sure, we could go get real jobs and make this a part time job, but some people don't have that option.

I love you guys and I don't want you to think that I'm some sort of bitch. I try not to be. I just hope that you understand when we hear 'I wait until the book to be .99' OR WORSE 'I wait for free days' that is like saying you don't believe in fairies. One dies. One author loses hope and doesn't think they can make it in this world. It's true.

Okay, I'm don't standing on my soapbox. I just had to let that out.

Anyway, I hope you guys get a chance to check out this book. I really hope it is something you would enjoy! Blog tour starts in ONE WEEK! As does the release party! This week will be a crazy one, especially with Halloween coming up, so if I don't get a chance to - have a SAFE and happy Halloween :D


Monday, October 20, 2014


This is not a post that is meant to brag - it may sound like it in the next line, but will soon be explained.

I have 4 books out right now. I have published 4 freaking books and I'm about to publish my 5th. (now this is where I redeem myself) Waiting and anticipating the reviews and the moment the book goes live - is still a gut wrenching, anxiety building waiting game. I still am not used to it!

Each book that I've put out is not for everyone. My mom wont read my first book, only because I told her that it has lots of sex. She read my second book and was like, uhhh it was a little steamy still! She read my third and LIKED it. A lot. The 4th she still hasn't gotten around to, but she's read this new version and has LOVED it! She can't stop talking to me about it haha! She is insisting I submit it to some Hollywood studio and make it into a movie. LOL!

I'm about 3.5 days away from the release of Careful What You Wish For and I can't hardly wait! I have received a lot of really good reviews and yet I'm still in shock it's almost out. I think since I'm a type A personality, I'm giving myself a damn ulcer.

I really HOPE you guys like it. It's been an exciting story to write as well as getting my book wife who has fur babies, but not the stinky children who talk back, to get me out of my mom zone for some of the parts.

My editor giving me pointers and working on it on her days off. This is the moment that I actually live for, even though I lose sleep and worry about what else I could have done or needs to be done!

Anyway, I thought I'd get some anxiety out by jotting down my thoughts. There is nothing really new to report,  but I'm sure you'll hear back from me in 3.5 days LOL! <3

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Will Work For Food... lol just kidding

Where has this year gone? I swear it was just January the other day and now we are 15 days away from Halloween! The year is coming to an end and FAST! I guess I lost track of the time while writing. I have gotten so lost into my stories - I lose track of time. Like, even just during the day, I realize Oh Shit! I haven't showered yet! It's just crazy to think in the last year, I have published (after this book) 3 books this year alone!

Me writing, was only to be a small hobby to get me not to call my husband every hour, asking how is day was going. Yes, I did that. Yes, I got bored being home. I needed something to fill my day and yeah.... it overwhelmed my day trying to fix my plot or where are my character's hands going to be placed or I need to research bars in the area. Then, I'd all the sudden get an idea for another story and start getting those ideas down and stop the other story altogether. My poor husband... LOL! "honey, lemme just write this last thing down...." hours later....

So in summary - I get wrapped up into my stories and give myself an ulcer haha! Not really on the ulcer thing, but I do try to get things done, even if that takes over everything. Including a shower. Yeah, its gross.
What does this all mean, Michelle? (that's you asking by the way, lol) It means, that I need a break. My poor fingers need a break. I LOVE to write, don't get me wrong - I have 3 more story ideas written down that I need to get done. It's just to the point where I need to get things done around the house. My daughter is getting ready for kindergarten next year and I realized I need to spend all the time I can with her. Mentioned above, time just flies too fast. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going to fall off the grid or anything, I have a facebook addiction, so you will see me on there. I'm going to be posting a lot, doing giveaways and a lot of promotion for my books, especially this new book. I think it will knock your socks off!
What I'm also going to be doing is helping other authors take off. I'm really interested in marketing, hell my minor is marketing. I want to try and put my work and other authors work out there. I want to see where I can go with it. Sure, it will come with a small price, but in the end I think it will help in the long run. So, please don't vanish from me. PLEASE be sure to check out my new book (it comes out on November 3rd, but you can pre-order today!). I promise this story won't let you down and you will LOVE it. But know that writing is my passion. I'm not just going to quit it that easily. I just think my family needs me around, I need to not be glued to my MSWord doc.
I love you guys! Really. Oh and don't think its right now that I'm taking a break. I plan on this happening in January. I need to finish up something's for a small project and then it'll happen. <3
Here is the link and the cover for the new book, just in case you haven't seen my numerous posts, too. LOL!  Thanks for being there for me. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there that enjoy what I've written :D


Friday, October 10, 2014

Cover Reveal for: Careful What You Wish For


One simple wish would change everything…Unless you didn’t even wish for it

Harley Simpson had one wish – to find Prince Charming and settle down. However, she still had yet to find that one guy, so she buried herself in her work and decided to just have fun.

On her way out for a night with the girls, Harley meets a mysterious cab driver. The woman starts to question what she’d really like in life. Although Harley found it rather odd for a cab driver to ask such deep questions, Harley told her.

A wish gone bad…

Harley finds herself the next morning, married to her boss and two small girls running around the house. She’s at a loss for words, especially since she’d never even kissed the guy and now she has two kids. Is this the life that she truly wanted or has fate gone completely wrong? Can she get out of her suburban nightmare or will Harley learn how to become that mom she never thought she’d be - in this messed up fairy tale -

Careful What You Wish For


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Exerpt from Careful What You Wish For!!

So with each book that I write, I'm always thinking its my baby. Of course, who wouldn't. It's your book! But with this new book, I'm BEYOND in love with it! So much so that I'm going to share an excerpt from it! If you are on my page - which if you are reading this more than likely clicked on the link FROM my page- you will be seeing a lot of teasers. AND in 5 days you'll be seeing the cover! I CANNOT wait for this book to release, which by the way is in November!! EEK!!

Without further delay - here is a part of the book!!

Speeding down the road, my head in a fog from everything, I guess I didn’t realize how fast I was really going. Lights began to flash in my rearview mirror and a siren blared at me. “Oh no! I forgot my wallet!” I whispered.

Leila began to cry, “I don’t want you to go to jail!”

I turned around in my seat, “Why would I go to jail? Am I wanted or something?” I panicked.

“Good morning, miss. Do you know why I’m pulling you over?” the police officer asked.

I began to breathe heavily, “I was speeding, but officer – I’m in a bind, I-I seem to have woken up in the wrong place, I-I have these girls to get to school and…” I began to tear up as I tried to calm my breathing.

“Miss, have you been drinking?” he asked.

“What? N-no, I went out last night and then I woke up in this house and they are saying I’m their mommy… Officer…”

“I’m going to need you to step out of the car,” he commanded. The girls were beginning to weep in the backseat.  I unbuckled my seatbelt and stepped out of the van. “I understand the stress of being a parent,” he began. “But, you really need to not have a breakdown in front of your kids. I see it all too much around here. Just take a deep breath, things will get better. Slow things down and drive carefully,” he said, opening the car door.

I gave him a puzzled look, I kind of wanted him to arrest me, so I could have a moment to figure out or even find out what the hell was going on. Maybe even speak to a detective to solve this shit. I slid back into the van and buckled my seatbelt.

“Officer?” I called, as he walked back to his car.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“I… I must’ve gotten turned around. Can you possibly point me in the direction of the elementary school?”

“Miss, are you sure you haven’t been drinking?”

I sighed, “I’m sure. I just…” I paused a moment to think of some sort of lie, “I have a migraine.” The officer nodded and pointed down just down the road to the school just a few blocks away. He returned to his car and I slid embarrassedly into the driver seat.

I hope you like! Careful What You Wish For will be released in November :D

Sunday, September 28, 2014

That one came out of left...

Okay, so in today's episode of Michelle's tiny little world, I'm going to step into the shallow end of the crazy world called Indie Writers. Now, in no WAY, SHAPE, or FORM am I going into it - I'm sure you'll find it on FB or Twitter. I just thought I would add my two cents (not that they will get me anywhere - Gas is freaking over $3 LOL!)

My two cents -

The author world... it's mean. I'm done.

See. I didn't really give much. I just know of constant gossip. Constant bickering. And loads of Mean Girls posts. I honestly graduated high school 14 years ago and I feel like I keep waking up....

Yep. I went there.

Anyway, I don't know the whole story of all the drama (well of each story cause there is more than one drama story), so I keep my nose out of it. I don't want to be a part of it. I don't like confrontation.

I'm done. I don't want to say the wrong thing and be the next one in some hot water. Why can't we all just get along? hahahahhaa!!

Anyway, enough about that... I'm really hoping to get this new book out to you by the beginning of December. If you are on my author fan page - you'll probably start seeing a lot of teasers for it in the coming weeks. My kids think I'm crazy when I am writing it - I will write a funny scene and start laughing. Naturally they'll come running over to my laptop thinking I'm watching something funny only to see that mommy is writing and suddenly I become the crazy one. *Shrugs* I just hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am!  :D

Well, apparently I have to make food? These people had lunch... and I have to make dinner? UGH ;) A mom's job is never done. I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

Monday, September 22, 2014

One BIG story!

Well it was bound to happen.... I created a 'box' set of Dark Secret and Wicked Spell! You don't have to oneclick...well twice, you can actually ONE click both stories once! Does that make any sense...it did in my head and I wrote it down and now I'm starting to second guess myself LOL!

So now that's out of the way - I've gotta say I'm feeling quite professional haha! I just got my first set of business cards, totes, pens and notebooks today! I have my first set of swag :) yes, I'm totally poppin my collar (as the kids say... or do they still say it? LOL).

Hmmm...What else... OH! I'm about a third of the way done with my fairy tale book! You guys, I'm serious when I say - this book is going to make all you mommies know exactly what I'm talking about and you non-mommies know exactly what I'm talking about hahaha! This fairy tale is not your average fairy tale - this is one that has gone COMPLETELY wrong. It's hilarious. Or at least I hope you think so.

So, bear with me - I'm going to be doing a big cover reveal, blog tour, and everything else I can possibly think of. If you are interested in beta reading for me - PLEASE contact me on my author page. I'd love your help in finding out what you think and what else I can do!

Okay, guys, this was just a quick update - so I'll have more for you in the coming week :D


OH! here is the link for the 'box set'!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

A bit of a rant...

Well if you haven't seen it already - Wicked Spell is FINALLY out! However - I find myself a little down.... no not because it's out, but because I just found it on a pirated website. Yep. It was released on Friday and already out.

Now, I can't tell you how hard I worked on it. How hard I worked on both Dark Secret and Wicked Spell. They are my other kids. They are my late nights. They are my losing sleep. And for someone to have put them up on site that lets you download them for free? Really?

I consider myself a very generous person. If you need help - I'm there. If you need an ear to listen - I'm always there. If you scratch my back - I'm totally going to scratch yours. I like to help people out. It's just who I am. But when I'm finding my book that was just released 2 days ago on a pirating site... yeah. It makes me lose my faith in society. I'm not going to say that I'm going to stop doing giveaways, well cause that means I'm punishing everyone and that's one thing I don't want to do.

Today, though it just makes me what to take my ball and go home. I'm a little peeved. Now, I can say I looked again and I don't have any # of downloads from the site - a fellow author had 10+ THOUSAND! The fact that all of my books are on there just pisses me the eff off.

Anyway, I do wanna thank all that have been true to all authors (not just indie) and buy your books from a legit site. Writing could be just our hobby, but it takes money away from us when you don't use a legal site (iTunes, BN.com and Amazon).

Alright I'm done bitching for the day. Thanks for listening. Well, now that Wicked Spell is out - I can finally finish up my Romantic Comedy! You guys, I think you're going to love this book. It's called Careful What You Wish For: A Fucked Up Fairy Tale. LMAO!! I am cracking myself writing this (which sometimes after a few martini's doesn't take long), but its going to be epic. I think you'll love it. I'll definitely keep you posted on release dates and so forth.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Less than 24 hours away!!

OMG OMG OMG! I'm over here really freaking out. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm realizing I'm getting older or the fact that Wicked Spell will be releasing in less than 24 hours. A mixture of both, perhaps?

Either way, I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep. It's like Christmas for me. I've got my birthday that I always get excited about and a book release that I am trying to stay on top of. I guess the beer that I said I wasn't going to have tonight, it's going to happen.

Right now, though, all that is going to through my head is how much I want to hug and kiss each and every one of you. Okay, maybe not kiss, but definitely squeeze you hard. Bloggers, readers, friends, family.... you all helped me do this.

Yes, I'm playing the Tom card. He's amazing and sums it up right there. Also if you stare at it long enough it goes faster and you're like OMG... I need a moment to myself. Inappropriate. Sorry.

So since it is already nearing midnight in the UK... yeah I'm already ready to start this party... Let's rock!!

Be sure to pick your copy of Dark Secret and Wicked Spell. Make my birthday wish of coming true....

Okay, I'm totally done with the gif's. I love you guys! Links to the books are below. :D Party on Wayne. Party on Garth :D

Dark Secret - http://amzn.com/B00JCPRDMW
Wicked Spell - http://amzn.com/B00N47URQI

Friday, September 12, 2014


If you know me, you will know that I love my birthday. I guess it never bothered me that I'm getting older. Okay, that's a lie, but I do still love my birthday. I mean it's on a day called Talk Like A Pirate day! LOL! And 32 isn't that bad, right? Don't answer.

My birthday is also awesome because.... .WICKED SPELL is FINALLY releasing!!!!! FINALLY! If you haven't seen it (which I think that's impossible because I blew up news feeds on Facebook all over the world showing it off. Either way, I'll post it again below. You probably have an idea how excited I am, but I can tell you - I'm getting a little stir crazy over here and if it wasn't a birthday present to myself to push publish, I might have pushed it a couple days ago.

Wicked Spell is my fourth book to be published and getting ready for a release still has yet to get any easier. I do have an amazing support team though and you guys are awesome! I truly love you guys!

Now, to a sad subject....

Earlier this week, my dearest friend messaged me and told me that her father had passed away. It broke my heart. We had talked about the way his health had been going down and then it happened all of the sudden. Now, I never met the man, but the stories she had shared with me and how close I feel she and I have gotten over the last couple of years - I felt like I did know him. I'm trying to set something up to donate a portion of my proceeds of Wicked Spell to ALS(which he battled)... I'll keep you posted on that :)

Well, that's about it from me. I'm sure you'll be seeing more as Wicked Spell gets closer :D Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe xoxo

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Well, I’ve officially sucked at keeping this blog up LOL! Where do I even begin to explain? How about the beginning.

I had originally thought I was going to release Wicked Spell (book 2 of Dark Secret) pretty soon after I went back on my own. Well, things didn’t pan out to happen that way. So, I thought why not release them in one book? That SOUNDED like a great idea, but in the end - not so much. I truly perched myself up on a fence and rocked back and forth on what to do. Do I release it WITH Dark Secret, change the ending and continue it with Wicked Spell… or do I give it its own release date and a new cover? The thing that truly made up my mind… My readers who already had Dark Secret and were waiting on Wicked spell… yeah they more than likely would have had to re-purchase the story. Amazon changed their rules about changes to a MS and giving the customers the updated version. It could have either taken 5-6 weeks or not at all. I didn’t want to chance that.

With that backstory being told… Wicked Spell is FINALLY getting a release date and cover all on it’s own!!! *insert celebration and lots of drinking here*

SEPTEMBER 19TH!!!!!  I can’t tell you how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders to pick a date (which by the way is the best day. Ever. Yeah, it’s my birthday LOL) and stick with it. As an author, sure low on the totem pole, I really want to keep my readers around. I know that not everyone expects books to be out right away (well some do, but they understand down the road), but I wanted to have this book out sooner. So with that – I apologize for keeping you waiting. It’s only 22 days away!!

NOW onto my other news… if you haven’t gathered that I’m ADD by now – you soon will.

While I was waiting around for the decision to be made for me (yeah I kinda hoped that it would miraculously make its own mind up. LOL), I started writing my first erotica. Sure, I’ve written hot sex scenes before. I’ve even encountered them. Why not WRITE about them? Because, erotica is on a whole other level than what I’m at. Don’t worry – the story isn’t going to TOTALLY get scrapped, well cause I fell in love with the main guy. The problem with the story. He starts out so freaking sexy and then…. Well he kinda falls apart. I need to work on it. Like A LOT. Well at the same time I thought I could handle writing TWO stories at the same time. (See I’m ADD). Writing one story is hard enough, but I still wanted to try.

I started writing Careful What You Wish For. This story is a romantic comedy about a fairy tale that goes completely wrong. I seriously have been cracking up writing this. As of now, I’m going to keep at this. If you loved Kyle from Dark Secret (which some of you have), his personality and smart ass-ness – take that times 2.

Can you tell why I have been away from here? So to recap. Wicked Spell – out 9/19 (cough make my birthday awesome cough), Working on Rom-COM. Have ADD.

Thanks again for your patience with me and for sticking by me. You all rock! xoxox

Thursday, August 7, 2014

And so it begins...

Hi Everyone!

So, I'm trying out this blog thing a whirl. It's so much easier to write here then trying to reach even 5 of you on Facebook.

Well, this year - all 8 months of it - has been quite a journey. I went from writing only contemporary romance to trying my hand in paranormal. Dark Secret has become my baby and while all my writing is important to me, I really REALLY love my characters in Dark Secret (DS I'll refer to it this way sometimes).

I was so happy with it that I decided to submit it to a publisher. I was accepted a few days later! How stoked was I? So much that I think I drank too much that night to celebrate and paid for it for like a week (30's are not the new 20's when it comes to drinking). Just kidding, I probably had only a couple drinks ;) I was really happy that my work was good enough to make a publisher! The re-released DS in June (initial release was March 31st), so it moved really fast.

I'm going to be brutally honest and say that I'm a control freak and not being able to have complete control over my work, well it wasn't working. So, only after a few months in of being with them, I decided to take a step back. Yeah, I should have tried to stick it out, but all in all I was looking out for my best interests.

So, where am I now? Back on my own! Which I woke up this morning feeling less stressed and a bit more excited for the new opportunities that I can give myself. Sure, they JUST released my second book on Monday and as of Wednesday it was removed. So, don't worry - I will be releasing it again soon. I'm getting a whole new cover and going to set up a blog tour, release some ARC's. Do things MY way, see control freak.

I want to thank everyone that stuck by my side and listened to me rant or cry or even be super excited about everything. I must look like a crazy person going from one emotion to the other so quickly.

But, the good news is - DS went back to it's original cover and is back on Amazon already. I hope that you can pick up your copy and enjoy. Wicked Spell (WS) will be out very soon I PROMISE! :)