Monday, November 3, 2014

Today's word of the day....

I suddenly feel, after writing the title of the post, like Jim Carrey in the Cable Guy. Horrible Movie, but clever lines that will live with me forever. *whispers* Hello Steven, the password is..... nipple hahaha!!!

Okay, well the word of the day is not nipple. Not even close. It's actually PLEASE.

Please, other people's kids, stop getting me sick.

Please, can you post something (I ask this almost daily of my blogger friends and they are amazing)

Please don't stick that in your mouth (I bet you're hoping I'm talking about my kids... I'll never tell)

AND last but NOT least -

PLEASE leave a review!

I know at least a few people have read Careful What You Wish For. I am SOOO appreciative that you took the time out to read it. It would mean the world to me if you left me a review. Sure, it would break my heart if it were a 1 star, but honestly, I would love to know what I did horribly wrong. I want to improve my books. If I get a 5 star - Yes! I did my job! I want to earn every star from my readers.

Anyway, that's all I really have for today. I have a chest cold that is onto my next victim - my son. And the man cold obviously starts at a young age, cause my daughter has a the start of it and she's not nearly as whiney.

All that aside, Careful What You Wish For is on tour this week AND I'm having the release party!!

I have some AMAZING authors doing a takeover on Wednesday (the party), so be sure to come check it out! The schedule is:

Me 8:00
Danielle Vanzandt 9:00
AC Bextor 10:00
Layla Stevens 11:00
Lora Ann 12:00
Nykki Mills 13:00
Danielle Jamie 14:00
Lena Black 15:00
Ashleigh (AE Neal) 16:00
Carrie Fox 17:00   30 min
Liv Morris 17:30   30 min
Sam JD Hunt 18:00
Cory Cyr 19:00
Aurora Zahni/Orry 20:00
Lucian Bane 21:00
Me 22:00  

THEN here are the blogs that are helping me with my tour :D

Hooked on Books 4-Nov
Bex n Books 5-Nov
Pair of Okies 6-Nov
Midwest 6-Nov
Lost in a book 6-Nov
Just one more page 10-Nov
author groupies 10-Nov
Crazy Daisy 11-Nov
Southern belle 11-Nov
sexways 12-Nov
Eskimo Princess 12-Nov
just booked 12-Nov
Give me books 13-Nov
Confessions of a Book Whore 14-Nov
Cover to Cover 14-Nov
this redhead loves books 14-Nov
Rockstars reviews 14-Nov
Naughty girls
jrsbook reviews

and just cause he is super sexy...

Lots to look forward to this week. Help me celebrate on Wednesday - and most of all maybe help MY wish come true and maybe top a chart :) Yeah, it's a bit of a reach, but it's my wish :D Thanks for all your support guys xoxox

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