Thursday, August 28, 2014

Well, I’ve officially sucked at keeping this blog up LOL! Where do I even begin to explain? How about the beginning.

I had originally thought I was going to release Wicked Spell (book 2 of Dark Secret) pretty soon after I went back on my own. Well, things didn’t pan out to happen that way. So, I thought why not release them in one book? That SOUNDED like a great idea, but in the end - not so much. I truly perched myself up on a fence and rocked back and forth on what to do. Do I release it WITH Dark Secret, change the ending and continue it with Wicked Spell… or do I give it its own release date and a new cover? The thing that truly made up my mind… My readers who already had Dark Secret and were waiting on Wicked spell… yeah they more than likely would have had to re-purchase the story. Amazon changed their rules about changes to a MS and giving the customers the updated version. It could have either taken 5-6 weeks or not at all. I didn’t want to chance that.

With that backstory being told… Wicked Spell is FINALLY getting a release date and cover all on it’s own!!! *insert celebration and lots of drinking here*

SEPTEMBER 19TH!!!!!  I can’t tell you how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders to pick a date (which by the way is the best day. Ever. Yeah, it’s my birthday LOL) and stick with it. As an author, sure low on the totem pole, I really want to keep my readers around. I know that not everyone expects books to be out right away (well some do, but they understand down the road), but I wanted to have this book out sooner. So with that – I apologize for keeping you waiting. It’s only 22 days away!!

NOW onto my other news… if you haven’t gathered that I’m ADD by now – you soon will.

While I was waiting around for the decision to be made for me (yeah I kinda hoped that it would miraculously make its own mind up. LOL), I started writing my first erotica. Sure, I’ve written hot sex scenes before. I’ve even encountered them. Why not WRITE about them? Because, erotica is on a whole other level than what I’m at. Don’t worry – the story isn’t going to TOTALLY get scrapped, well cause I fell in love with the main guy. The problem with the story. He starts out so freaking sexy and then…. Well he kinda falls apart. I need to work on it. Like A LOT. Well at the same time I thought I could handle writing TWO stories at the same time. (See I’m ADD). Writing one story is hard enough, but I still wanted to try.

I started writing Careful What You Wish For. This story is a romantic comedy about a fairy tale that goes completely wrong. I seriously have been cracking up writing this. As of now, I’m going to keep at this. If you loved Kyle from Dark Secret (which some of you have), his personality and smart ass-ness – take that times 2.

Can you tell why I have been away from here? So to recap. Wicked Spell – out 9/19 (cough make my birthday awesome cough), Working on Rom-COM. Have ADD.

Thanks again for your patience with me and for sticking by me. You all rock! xoxox

Thursday, August 7, 2014

And so it begins...

Hi Everyone!

So, I'm trying out this blog thing a whirl. It's so much easier to write here then trying to reach even 5 of you on Facebook.

Well, this year - all 8 months of it - has been quite a journey. I went from writing only contemporary romance to trying my hand in paranormal. Dark Secret has become my baby and while all my writing is important to me, I really REALLY love my characters in Dark Secret (DS I'll refer to it this way sometimes).

I was so happy with it that I decided to submit it to a publisher. I was accepted a few days later! How stoked was I? So much that I think I drank too much that night to celebrate and paid for it for like a week (30's are not the new 20's when it comes to drinking). Just kidding, I probably had only a couple drinks ;) I was really happy that my work was good enough to make a publisher! The re-released DS in June (initial release was March 31st), so it moved really fast.

I'm going to be brutally honest and say that I'm a control freak and not being able to have complete control over my work, well it wasn't working. So, only after a few months in of being with them, I decided to take a step back. Yeah, I should have tried to stick it out, but all in all I was looking out for my best interests.

So, where am I now? Back on my own! Which I woke up this morning feeling less stressed and a bit more excited for the new opportunities that I can give myself. Sure, they JUST released my second book on Monday and as of Wednesday it was removed. So, don't worry - I will be releasing it again soon. I'm getting a whole new cover and going to set up a blog tour, release some ARC's. Do things MY way, see control freak.

I want to thank everyone that stuck by my side and listened to me rant or cry or even be super excited about everything. I must look like a crazy person going from one emotion to the other so quickly.

But, the good news is - DS went back to it's original cover and is back on Amazon already. I hope that you can pick up your copy and enjoy. Wicked Spell (WS) will be out very soon I PROMISE! :)