Sunday, October 26, 2014

Save An Author - Read A Book

Hi guys!

Careful What You Wish For is officially out! I'm sure you have seen me posting a million places. I'm not sure if you are actually seeing any of them cause Facebook really sucks at putting feeds out there - but I think with my posting every hour or so, you're bound to see ONE of them, right?

I know that all I do is seem to rant on here, but I gotta take a moment to let a little steam -

I saw a post of another author talking about book sales are at their all time low. However, when a book goes on sale for .99, sales increase. Yeah, I'm all about getting things on sale and using coupons, but when it comes to this I can't seem to keep doing. Don't worry- I will have sales. I just can't afford to have my books stuck at .99. Here's the thing about what indie authors make:

At 0.99 on KDP Amazon we make 35% of those sales. So of that 0.99 I make 0.34. Yeah. I make sweat shop prices haha or at least that is what my husband once compared it to. I'm not trying to complain about sales, I LOVE to see I have new readers coming in. I just hope you like the book at that point. I'm by no means trying to sound like I live off this, but some authors - they do. Sure, we could go get real jobs and make this a part time job, but some people don't have that option.

I love you guys and I don't want you to think that I'm some sort of bitch. I try not to be. I just hope that you understand when we hear 'I wait until the book to be .99' OR WORSE 'I wait for free days' that is like saying you don't believe in fairies. One dies. One author loses hope and doesn't think they can make it in this world. It's true.

Okay, I'm don't standing on my soapbox. I just had to let that out.

Anyway, I hope you guys get a chance to check out this book. I really hope it is something you would enjoy! Blog tour starts in ONE WEEK! As does the release party! This week will be a crazy one, especially with Halloween coming up, so if I don't get a chance to - have a SAFE and happy Halloween :D


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