Saturday, June 6, 2015

Man, keeping up with this page...I suck LOL!

I'm horrible at keeping up with this page. Honestly, lately I have been horrible at keeping up with all my pages. So much has been going on and since I'm here, I'm going to tell you ALL about it haha!

May 4th, I re-enrolled into school for my Bachelor's degree. The best thing about that is that I get to do a subject that I'm really interested in - Criminal Justice. I fell in love with Criminal Justice was when I was a young girl. My dad was a police officer and it just was a career path that fascinated me. So, I'm happy to be doing something I really want to be doing. With that amazing path comes amazing struggles. The school I'm attending does 16 weeks worth of course work rolled into 8. Yeah, so it's a lot of work that I need to get on.

THEN just when I thought that things couldn't go any better. Careful What You Wish For was signed on by Limitless Publishing! Yes, I have tried the publisher route before. I think that experience was a lesson for me on how to loosen the reigns and give control a rest. I'm excited to be working with Limitless, though. They have really made the transition, so far, really smooth and its just been awesome.

Careful What You Wish For will be re-released under their label August 12! EEEK!!! I should have a new cover soon, but don't worry, I'll be keeping you informed. I have a little break in between classes coming up here soon, so it will be dedicated to getting everything organized :D

What else. Oh! So, if having kids never made you feel old...when they go to school that changes. My son, he just finished his last day of 1st grade! I have a 2nd grader on my hands! WTH?? Where did time go?? Then if that wasn't adding salt to my wounds - my daughter...yep, she starts kindergarten soon! GAH! I can't believe it. Where did my babies go?? *sniff*

Now don't get me totally wrong when I say this... I will miss them, but I will also be happy to have at least the 3 hours of quiet when my daughter is gone. I guarantee I will cry when I see her get on the bus. No doubt about it. I will miss not having her around for the first couple of days, but OMG to shower without hearing, "Mama, when can we go...", "Mama, I'm hungry", "Mama, what are you doing?" *eye twitch* sometimes the word Mama is just like nails on the chalkboard. And now that my son is off track for the month of June...... the two of them can only stand to be next to each other for 15 minutes tops without the blood curdling screams taking place.....I'm sorry where was I? I seem to have entered a rant... LOL

Anyway, I promise I haven't forgotten about the few of you that possibly read this. Or go to my author page. I just have been swamped with...well, life. Be sure to keep in touch with me on my author page, because I have the cover reveal coming up and I'm still working on different stories here and there. I will be really tired by the end of the day, but I will have something for you soon :D


Monday, April 6, 2015

A letter to all the jobs I just applied for

Hi guys, so this is something that is out of the book world, but I have to get it down. This year has kind of thrown some curve balls and hit us. While we are able to walk the base, we somehow still get called out. We keep getting up to bat, but man... I've recently finished school and my kids are going to school now. SO that means, mommy needs to find a job. HOWEVER - I'm finding I'm getting skipped over. I wanted to write this letter somewhere, because obviously I don't want to send it to them and have them think I'm SUPER weird LOL.

Dear Possible Future Employer (or the one that just through my resume in the shred bin),

I have been a stay at home mom for the last seven years. Yep, SEVEN years without a full time job. I know that gap in employment is not ideal, some programs have updated. Hell, there have been, like, twelve new iphones that come out. Maybe not that many, but still, that's a long time without a job. I have worked part time/seasonal positions, and while they aren't on my resume (I don't think working for 3 months is ideal to brag about on a resume), I have worked. I could have stayed on with that company, however working overnight or even until one in the morning was not something I could handle with two kids.

I did go back to school. I got my Associates degree. Sure, nowadays it seems like everyone wants a  Bachelor's, because an Associates degree is almost like a high school diploma. It took me forever, while taking care of two kids, which I did go to school while I was pregnant with my daughter (I even had contractions while giving my final speech...that was fun). But, I finally finished and now I don't even know where I can work.

Sure, I asked for quite a bit on my application. I can hear your laughs from here. It's not that I feel that you have to pay me that amount because I'm older, wiser, and hell because I have a degree. Nope. It's because daycare costs are horrendous! I know it's not your problem and that's why you are passing me up. That amount of money is ridiculous and with two kids - you're probably thinking that I'm going to be missing work because they are sick or they have appointments. Sure, that might happen, but I can reassure you that I'm the hardest working person I know. Or that you'll know. One of the two. I find that once I get involved into a project, I enjoy it and put extra effort into my work. I also enjoy learning new things.

Also, for the last seven years - I may have not had an income, but I have had the hardest job ever. When I became a stay at home mom, I was 25. I didn't have a lot of patience, nor did I know how to multitask correctly. I didn't have the proper time management and I thought I would be the perfect manager, but not the right attitude. That since has all changed. I now know what it means to take your time and do it right. I have learned that there are things that are priority and things that really can wait. This job has been the most rewarding in a sense that I have learned the most and I have actually grown up.

I know you are still laughing at me about my pay, but I just want to let you know that - I may not have the long work history, nor the possible up to date information. I'm not a leper. I'm up to date on most technology and I promise that you take a chance on me and I promise I will be worth every cent.

Don't toss my resume JUST yet. At least doodle on it for a little bit.

Thanks for your time,


And that my friends is what I would LOVE to send to an employer hahah! Maybe this is really why I haven't received any phone calls haha!

On to book stuff! When I'm not writing these ridiculous letters, I've been writing a new story here and there. I am trying to get it to you, but with spring break and birthdays and seems like I don't get that much time. I promise - I'll keep you updated :D <3

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SO many emotions right now!

Well... Wishful Thinking... it's done. No big deal.

Are you kidding?? It's HUGE!! I can't believe I wrote a story I never really intended on writing haha! But this time... it's really over.

Yes. If I keep writing this story, it's going to be overplayed and you really will end up hating me. It was fun writing both stories, and I LOVE these characters, but again - I don't want to drain them of their awesomeness LOL.

With that being said. My fingers are tired. I am not walking away, I promise (unlike what I said a few months ago LOL), but I do need to take a small break. I want to do more marketing. Mostly of my book, but I have so many awesome author friends who I want to help out, too.

I really wish (careful what you wish for lol), I could reach more of you, so you could read more. This market, which I am happy to see a lot of new authors, but its wayyyyyy over saturated. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being catty, but it's true. It's so much harder than it was two years ago to sell books. Everyone has their story to get out there, but there are more writers than readers :/ I know it's not true, but when my main platform is facebook and only 60 people are seeing the post, it's so much harder to sell books

SOOOO I'm going to happily give you guys this new book in March-ish and then I'm going to do some research on how to reach you more! <3

Anyway, enough about me bitching about Facebook (ps, fuck you Park Muckerberg lol)...

I might have some surprises coming up with Valentine's Day coming up :) so if you can see this, make sure you check my pages out (google +, twitter, tsu and Facebook) for something special :D

Okay, now to the hardest part of writing a story... editing :/ shoot me. No, not really. Throw a wadded piece of paper at me, please. LOL!

So, stay tuned for a release date of Wishful Thinking!! xoxox

Ps... see all the emotions I have through memes? LOL I need a meme anonymous...

Monday, January 12, 2015


The time has come for me to say it. It has to be said. And I know it's going to suck for me to say it and I know that people may get offended....

I'm getting older.

Lol! I have had to get my prescription in my glasses, umm, I guess strengthened? I actually feel better wearing them all the time. My whole body is achy in the morning and I think more things creak and crack in my body than they do on the floors.

So, I'm taking donations for my new body. New eyes, younger limbs. If you want to donate please call 1-800-555-OLDE. LOL!

No, but seriously. Nothing really new is going on so far. Careful What You Wish For had a wonderful re-release party and I met some more wonderful people. I wish every day was a party in both reality and in Facebook land. HAHA!

Speaking of Facebook. Gah. They have decided to make pages, yep mine included, PAY for the reach that we want. So, it went from a free site, which I guess it still is for personal, but for any sort of business or marketing pages - you are 'encouraged' to pay for the reach. Which means I have 2300 likes on my page. 62 of you are only seeing the posts. SERIOUSLY?!? Thanks Mark. You officially suck. I want things back to the way they were when I started the page, where I could reach almost ALL of my likes. *insert several cuss words here*

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the last post but I'm going to repeat it.

When I wrote Careful What You Wish For (I'm gonna refer to it as just WISH from here on cause I picked a ridiculously long title LOL) I intended on it only being a stand alone. I thought it ended on a good note. I didn't have a cliffhanger. I just thought it was a perfect ending.

HOWEVER, I had some messages and reviews asking if I was going to make a sequel, per se, about Harley and her own kids. Well, shit. I really hadn't thought about that. SOOOOO after going back and forth on this.... I'm gonna do it. I did try writing it from Harley being pregnant, but it brought back scary memories of being sick, hungry and huge.Yes, I gained a lot of weight and I don't wanna go back down that road. I tried to make it at the point where she was a toddler and believe me - I am dealing with a 4 year old daughter of my own and I started to base it on my daughter... I wanted to drink more after some paragraphs haha!

I know it's a huge jump, but this story is going to be in the POV of Harley's daughter. She's in her very VERY early 20's. I know that's a big jump, but I REALLY hope you love this story, because it has cracked me up when I am writing.

Anyway, with my son just back at school from being off track, my daughter adjusting to being by herself again during the day- I'm going to get back to writing very soon. I'll have a release date very soon though :D please stay tuned!!

If you have read WISH, please let me know what you think! Leave me a review. I really do love reading them!

Well, back to the grind :/ laundry, dishes and a demanding little princess are calling me.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year - 3 days late

Happy New Year!!! 2015...WOW.

This is the year...not sure for what yet, but I think this is the year. 2014 was quite a fun packed year. I published THREE books, yeah, I pretty much had no life. I was picked up by a publisher, I left that publisher and have worked my ass off.

Book sales, well they kinda dropped. Not just for me, but for everyone. I'm not sure why, but it was nice to have my readers sticking by me. It hit hard to have Facebook hiding posts from newsfeeds, but to have sales drop. That's okay, though, I'm just lucky to have people reading!

I'm going to start 2015 off on the right foot and remain positive. Cause that's all you can do, right?

Now, it's January 3rd and I'm already feeling good about this year. I'm changing my cover for Careful What You Wish For. Don't get me wrong I LOVED my last cover. Aly did an amazing job on it. I just think it needed a slight upgrade. So, I have a 2.0 cover. It's BEAUTIFUL....wanna see? Be sure to come back to my page on Tuesday the 6th :) Yep, I'm a tease LOL!

What else do I have for you?? Hmmmm... OHHHH!! So, after many requests I am going to be writing the 'sequel' to Careful What You Wish For. You have spoken - wanting a story about Harley's possible kids... well it's coming, but I'm doing it a bit different. I know you wanted to see how she handled her 'real' kids. Well, I worked on it a few times, starting with her pregnant...that became redundant (I mean how many times can you write morning sickness and cravings... ugh). I started to relive my pregnancy moments and I couldn't do it that way.

I started writing her have a toddler, basically writing the story of MY daughter. I felt the eye twitching moments coming on more. My daughter is...well... she's a handful sometimes and I think your hair would turn gray just reading it. Thank goodness for hair color!

SOOO I decided to try a different approach. I'm writing it in the POV of Harley's daughter who is now in her early twenties. There will be some reappearing characters and it will be just as fun. I know its a HUGE jump in the timeline, but believe me - for your sanity and mine - I don't think you want her to have a toddler hahaha!

Well, I don't have much more of an update for you, it's been kinda quiet. But, again, it's only 3 days in - hopefully this is the year ;)  xoxox

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Holidays!

The holidays, like usual, are quickly approaching. And every year, I wonder where the hell the time has gone. Seriously, though, it's ALREADY December 2nd and that means we have 29 more days left of 2014! WTF :/

Facebook has decided to be a douche again. Starting on January 1st (I believe, I didn't really pay attention this time), they are making changes again. Yep. So, less of my page likes are going to see my posts. Less people are going to know about any of my books. They said if you pay money to boost your posts, then it will help significantly. Yeah, well, Mark (yeah, I'm getting first name basis with him), I don't have money to shell out to a FREE page. What sucks even more is - there are several authors that have announced that they pay to boost their posts and they don't do SHIT :/ This makes me even more frustrated.

I'm trying really hard to find new platforms to get you teasers and of course to let you know I have posted on here... I don't quite get Twitter, but you'll see posts on there because it's connected to my author page. Google + is slowly being understood haha! Please don't forget about me. I'll be sad. Seriously.

With the holidays here - if you are looking for a gift - Dark Secret, Wicked Spell and Careful What You Wish For have AMAZING covers and would be awesome gifts. If you are interested - contact me and we can work through PayPal and order them and I can personally sign them :D It can be a gift for yourself or someone special <3

I hope you have a safe and amazing holiday, whatever that you celebrate. I also hope that if you do happen to read Careful What You Wish For, that you'll leave me a review. I love to hear what you thought about it :D xoxox

Here is the link if you are interested on getting it.

Also - here is my author page to message me if you are interested in ordering a paperback

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm on a rant roller coaster, please use caution

I have written a post on Facebook about a thousand times and deleted it a thousand times. Not possible? Yeah, I've written it and deleted little pieces and then deleted the whole thing, knowing that I would get burned at the stake for saying something. However, I can't hold it in for much longer. SO please don't give up on me or hate me for what is about to be typed out.

Here's the thing. I'm about to give up. Yep. It's coming down to it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to write. LOVE when I hear you liked my story(ies). I LOVE when I get a review. However, what I don't love at all -

making me feel like $2.99 is too much for a book. Yes, I've actually had a couple messages that have come to me saying they want to read it but it's too much right now. I know how times are. I've been broker than broke before. I once lived off Cup of Noodles for a week, skipping breakfast and eating it for lunch and dinner because I had no money and those bad boys are 0.28. My early 20's sucked.

Sure, right now I am able to stay home with my kids and make real dinners for them and have that big Styrofoam cup on occasion. However, I had made the decision the beginning of this year that I wanted to be a full time writer. I enjoy writing that much that I was willing to put my heart and soul into books. I am finishing up college now (ps waiting until your 30's to finish school is tough with kids homework and yours at the same time), and when I tell everyone that I am going for finance or accounting - you can hear the sarcasm in my voice when I said I'm excited about it. Accounting - it often bores me. I get it and I can do it just fine, but ummm hello? What fun is really in accounting?

Writing, when I released my books I would humbly say I'm an author. Sure. I'm not a big name and nor do I think or tell anyone that I am.

BUT, after realizing my sales at 2.99 are near nothing.... it's so hard. I'm not going to go into how many books I don't sell or do sell. I am going to say that they skyrocketed when I put my books at 0.99. I love when there is a sale! I LOVE when my favorite clothing store has their annual sale and I can get clothes for next season on sale, but if it's worth it - I will pay full price. Now, again I'm not saying I'm a big name and you have to pay full price for it, but let me put some things into perspective...

My editor - I have to pay her. My book cover - I have to pay for. Any sort of money that comes in for my books goes straight toward them. And that's just the beginning... Here is what self published authors roughly make -

At 2.99 and up, self-published authors make 70% of that sale (this is all on amazon.), so I make 2.09 off of that. Not bad, not bad at all. Except when we put the book 1.99 and under (0.99) it's only 35% of that sale. So when I mark it to 0.99 I make a whopping 0.34. Yep I can't even buy a stamp. Sure, I don't HAVE to make my books 0.99, but I do understand the hard times of book lovers and they need to have some sort of break.

I didn't want to come off as a horrible person. I'm not writing JUST for the money, cause lets face it - it's not a lot of money. I am in it for the love of writing, but I have to admit, the extra money is nice. I had hoped that I could do this as a career and it's sort of depressing to be told that my books are too expensive and if I do it less than what I put into it, I make less than someone working at fast food (there is NOTHING wrong with that at all), I 'm just making a simple observation. I make WAY less than minimum wage. It's just hard to hear that it's too much when I'm not making anything.

If this posts upset you and think that I'm a jerkburger, I'm so sorry. By no means did I mean to offend you. I am honored to have you as a reader. I just had to get this off my chest. I wanted to put it into a small post on why I don't respond to you after you tell me that I really want to read your book but it just is too much... I'll wait until it goes on sale. *insert eye twitch here* Sorry, but that was below the belt.

I do love you guys. I do. I'm sorry to have unloaded this huge rant onto you. I just thought I'd enlighten :/ Sorry. xoxox