Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm on a rant roller coaster, please use caution

I have written a post on Facebook about a thousand times and deleted it a thousand times. Not possible? Yeah, I've written it and deleted little pieces and then deleted the whole thing, knowing that I would get burned at the stake for saying something. However, I can't hold it in for much longer. SO please don't give up on me or hate me for what is about to be typed out.

Here's the thing. I'm about to give up. Yep. It's coming down to it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to write. LOVE when I hear you liked my story(ies). I LOVE when I get a review. However, what I don't love at all -

making me feel like $2.99 is too much for a book. Yes, I've actually had a couple messages that have come to me saying they want to read it but it's too much right now. I know how times are. I've been broker than broke before. I once lived off Cup of Noodles for a week, skipping breakfast and eating it for lunch and dinner because I had no money and those bad boys are 0.28. My early 20's sucked.

Sure, right now I am able to stay home with my kids and make real dinners for them and have that big Styrofoam cup on occasion. However, I had made the decision the beginning of this year that I wanted to be a full time writer. I enjoy writing that much that I was willing to put my heart and soul into books. I am finishing up college now (ps waiting until your 30's to finish school is tough with kids homework and yours at the same time), and when I tell everyone that I am going for finance or accounting - you can hear the sarcasm in my voice when I said I'm excited about it. Accounting - it often bores me. I get it and I can do it just fine, but ummm hello? What fun is really in accounting?

Writing, when I released my books I would humbly say I'm an author. Sure. I'm not a big name and nor do I think or tell anyone that I am.

BUT, after realizing my sales at 2.99 are near nothing.... it's so hard. I'm not going to go into how many books I don't sell or do sell. I am going to say that they skyrocketed when I put my books at 0.99. I love when there is a sale! I LOVE when my favorite clothing store has their annual sale and I can get clothes for next season on sale, but if it's worth it - I will pay full price. Now, again I'm not saying I'm a big name and you have to pay full price for it, but let me put some things into perspective...

My editor - I have to pay her. My book cover - I have to pay for. Any sort of money that comes in for my books goes straight toward them. And that's just the beginning... Here is what self published authors roughly make -

At 2.99 and up, self-published authors make 70% of that sale (this is all on amazon.), so I make 2.09 off of that. Not bad, not bad at all. Except when we put the book 1.99 and under (0.99) it's only 35% of that sale. So when I mark it to 0.99 I make a whopping 0.34. Yep I can't even buy a stamp. Sure, I don't HAVE to make my books 0.99, but I do understand the hard times of book lovers and they need to have some sort of break.

I didn't want to come off as a horrible person. I'm not writing JUST for the money, cause lets face it - it's not a lot of money. I am in it for the love of writing, but I have to admit, the extra money is nice. I had hoped that I could do this as a career and it's sort of depressing to be told that my books are too expensive and if I do it less than what I put into it, I make less than someone working at fast food (there is NOTHING wrong with that at all), I 'm just making a simple observation. I make WAY less than minimum wage. It's just hard to hear that it's too much when I'm not making anything.

If this posts upset you and think that I'm a jerkburger, I'm so sorry. By no means did I mean to offend you. I am honored to have you as a reader. I just had to get this off my chest. I wanted to put it into a small post on why I don't respond to you after you tell me that I really want to read your book but it just is too much... I'll wait until it goes on sale. *insert eye twitch here* Sorry, but that was below the belt.

I do love you guys. I do. I'm sorry to have unloaded this huge rant onto you. I just thought I'd enlighten :/ Sorry. xoxox

Monday, November 3, 2014

Today's word of the day....

I suddenly feel, after writing the title of the post, like Jim Carrey in the Cable Guy. Horrible Movie, but clever lines that will live with me forever. *whispers* Hello Steven, the password is..... nipple hahaha!!!

Okay, well the word of the day is not nipple. Not even close. It's actually PLEASE.

Please, other people's kids, stop getting me sick.

Please, can you post something (I ask this almost daily of my blogger friends and they are amazing)

Please don't stick that in your mouth (I bet you're hoping I'm talking about my kids... I'll never tell)

AND last but NOT least -

PLEASE leave a review!

I know at least a few people have read Careful What You Wish For. I am SOOO appreciative that you took the time out to read it. It would mean the world to me if you left me a review. Sure, it would break my heart if it were a 1 star, but honestly, I would love to know what I did horribly wrong. I want to improve my books. If I get a 5 star - Yes! I did my job! I want to earn every star from my readers.

Anyway, that's all I really have for today. I have a chest cold that is onto my next victim - my son. And the man cold obviously starts at a young age, cause my daughter has a the start of it and she's not nearly as whiney.

All that aside, Careful What You Wish For is on tour this week AND I'm having the release party!!

I have some AMAZING authors doing a takeover on Wednesday (the party), so be sure to come check it out! The schedule is:

Me 8:00
Danielle Vanzandt 9:00
AC Bextor 10:00
Layla Stevens 11:00
Lora Ann 12:00
Nykki Mills 13:00
Danielle Jamie 14:00
Lena Black 15:00
Ashleigh (AE Neal) 16:00
Carrie Fox 17:00   30 min
Liv Morris 17:30   30 min
Sam JD Hunt 18:00
Cory Cyr 19:00
Aurora Zahni/Orry 20:00
Lucian Bane 21:00
Me 22:00  

THEN here are the blogs that are helping me with my tour :D

Hooked on Books 4-Nov
Bex n Books 5-Nov
Pair of Okies 6-Nov
Midwest 6-Nov
Lost in a book 6-Nov
Just one more page 10-Nov
author groupies 10-Nov
Crazy Daisy 11-Nov
Southern belle 11-Nov
sexways 12-Nov
Eskimo Princess 12-Nov
just booked 12-Nov
Give me books 13-Nov
Confessions of a Book Whore 14-Nov
Cover to Cover 14-Nov
this redhead loves books 14-Nov
Rockstars reviews 14-Nov
Naughty girls
jrsbook reviews

and just cause he is super sexy...

Lots to look forward to this week. Help me celebrate on Wednesday - and most of all maybe help MY wish come true and maybe top a chart :) Yeah, it's a bit of a reach, but it's my wish :D Thanks for all your support guys xoxox