Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Holidays!

The holidays, like usual, are quickly approaching. And every year, I wonder where the hell the time has gone. Seriously, though, it's ALREADY December 2nd and that means we have 29 more days left of 2014! WTF :/

Facebook has decided to be a douche again. Starting on January 1st (I believe, I didn't really pay attention this time), they are making changes again. Yep. So, less of my page likes are going to see my posts. Less people are going to know about any of my books. They said if you pay money to boost your posts, then it will help significantly. Yeah, well, Mark (yeah, I'm getting first name basis with him), I don't have money to shell out to a FREE page. What sucks even more is - there are several authors that have announced that they pay to boost their posts and they don't do SHIT :/ This makes me even more frustrated.

I'm trying really hard to find new platforms to get you teasers and of course to let you know I have posted on here... I don't quite get Twitter, but you'll see posts on there because it's connected to my author page. Google + is slowly being understood haha! Please don't forget about me. I'll be sad. Seriously.

With the holidays here - if you are looking for a gift - Dark Secret, Wicked Spell and Careful What You Wish For have AMAZING covers and would be awesome gifts. If you are interested - contact me and we can work through PayPal and order them and I can personally sign them :D It can be a gift for yourself or someone special <3

I hope you have a safe and amazing holiday, whatever that you celebrate. I also hope that if you do happen to read Careful What You Wish For, that you'll leave me a review. I love to hear what you thought about it :D xoxox

Here is the link if you are interested on getting it. http://amzn.com/B00OGRD4YM

Also - here is my author page to message me if you are interested in ordering a paperback www.facebook.com/authormichellee

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