Monday, October 20, 2014


This is not a post that is meant to brag - it may sound like it in the next line, but will soon be explained.

I have 4 books out right now. I have published 4 freaking books and I'm about to publish my 5th. (now this is where I redeem myself) Waiting and anticipating the reviews and the moment the book goes live - is still a gut wrenching, anxiety building waiting game. I still am not used to it!

Each book that I've put out is not for everyone. My mom wont read my first book, only because I told her that it has lots of sex. She read my second book and was like, uhhh it was a little steamy still! She read my third and LIKED it. A lot. The 4th she still hasn't gotten around to, but she's read this new version and has LOVED it! She can't stop talking to me about it haha! She is insisting I submit it to some Hollywood studio and make it into a movie. LOL!

I'm about 3.5 days away from the release of Careful What You Wish For and I can't hardly wait! I have received a lot of really good reviews and yet I'm still in shock it's almost out. I think since I'm a type A personality, I'm giving myself a damn ulcer.

I really HOPE you guys like it. It's been an exciting story to write as well as getting my book wife who has fur babies, but not the stinky children who talk back, to get me out of my mom zone for some of the parts.

My editor giving me pointers and working on it on her days off. This is the moment that I actually live for, even though I lose sleep and worry about what else I could have done or needs to be done!

Anyway, I thought I'd get some anxiety out by jotting down my thoughts. There is nothing really new to report,  but I'm sure you'll hear back from me in 3.5 days LOL! <3

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