Monday, January 12, 2015


The time has come for me to say it. It has to be said. And I know it's going to suck for me to say it and I know that people may get offended....

I'm getting older.

Lol! I have had to get my prescription in my glasses, umm, I guess strengthened? I actually feel better wearing them all the time. My whole body is achy in the morning and I think more things creak and crack in my body than they do on the floors.

So, I'm taking donations for my new body. New eyes, younger limbs. If you want to donate please call 1-800-555-OLDE. LOL!

No, but seriously. Nothing really new is going on so far. Careful What You Wish For had a wonderful re-release party and I met some more wonderful people. I wish every day was a party in both reality and in Facebook land. HAHA!

Speaking of Facebook. Gah. They have decided to make pages, yep mine included, PAY for the reach that we want. So, it went from a free site, which I guess it still is for personal, but for any sort of business or marketing pages - you are 'encouraged' to pay for the reach. Which means I have 2300 likes on my page. 62 of you are only seeing the posts. SERIOUSLY?!? Thanks Mark. You officially suck. I want things back to the way they were when I started the page, where I could reach almost ALL of my likes. *insert several cuss words here*

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the last post but I'm going to repeat it.

When I wrote Careful What You Wish For (I'm gonna refer to it as just WISH from here on cause I picked a ridiculously long title LOL) I intended on it only being a stand alone. I thought it ended on a good note. I didn't have a cliffhanger. I just thought it was a perfect ending.

HOWEVER, I had some messages and reviews asking if I was going to make a sequel, per se, about Harley and her own kids. Well, shit. I really hadn't thought about that. SOOOOO after going back and forth on this.... I'm gonna do it. I did try writing it from Harley being pregnant, but it brought back scary memories of being sick, hungry and huge.Yes, I gained a lot of weight and I don't wanna go back down that road. I tried to make it at the point where she was a toddler and believe me - I am dealing with a 4 year old daughter of my own and I started to base it on my daughter... I wanted to drink more after some paragraphs haha!

I know it's a huge jump, but this story is going to be in the POV of Harley's daughter. She's in her very VERY early 20's. I know that's a big jump, but I REALLY hope you love this story, because it has cracked me up when I am writing.

Anyway, with my son just back at school from being off track, my daughter adjusting to being by herself again during the day- I'm going to get back to writing very soon. I'll have a release date very soon though :D please stay tuned!!

If you have read WISH, please let me know what you think! Leave me a review. I really do love reading them!

Well, back to the grind :/ laundry, dishes and a demanding little princess are calling me.


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