Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SO many emotions right now!

Well... Wishful Thinking... it's done. No big deal.

Are you kidding?? It's HUGE!! I can't believe I wrote a story I never really intended on writing haha! But this time... it's really over.

Yes. If I keep writing this story, it's going to be overplayed and you really will end up hating me. It was fun writing both stories, and I LOVE these characters, but again - I don't want to drain them of their awesomeness LOL.

With that being said. My fingers are tired. I am not walking away, I promise (unlike what I said a few months ago LOL), but I do need to take a small break. I want to do more marketing. Mostly of my book, but I have so many awesome author friends who I want to help out, too.

I really wish (careful what you wish for lol), I could reach more of you, so you could read more. This market, which I am happy to see a lot of new authors, but its wayyyyyy over saturated. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being catty, but it's true. It's so much harder than it was two years ago to sell books. Everyone has their story to get out there, but there are more writers than readers :/ I know it's not true, but when my main platform is facebook and only 60 people are seeing the post, it's so much harder to sell books

SOOOO I'm going to happily give you guys this new book in March-ish and then I'm going to do some research on how to reach you more! <3

Anyway, enough about me bitching about Facebook (ps, fuck you Park Muckerberg lol)...

I might have some surprises coming up with Valentine's Day coming up :) so if you can see this, make sure you check my pages out (google +, twitter, tsu and Facebook) for something special :D

Okay, now to the hardest part of writing a story... editing :/ shoot me. No, not really. Throw a wadded piece of paper at me, please. LOL!

So, stay tuned for a release date of Wishful Thinking!! xoxox

Ps... see all the emotions I have through memes? LOL I need a meme anonymous...

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