Saturday, June 6, 2015

Man, keeping up with this page...I suck LOL!

I'm horrible at keeping up with this page. Honestly, lately I have been horrible at keeping up with all my pages. So much has been going on and since I'm here, I'm going to tell you ALL about it haha!

May 4th, I re-enrolled into school for my Bachelor's degree. The best thing about that is that I get to do a subject that I'm really interested in - Criminal Justice. I fell in love with Criminal Justice was when I was a young girl. My dad was a police officer and it just was a career path that fascinated me. So, I'm happy to be doing something I really want to be doing. With that amazing path comes amazing struggles. The school I'm attending does 16 weeks worth of course work rolled into 8. Yeah, so it's a lot of work that I need to get on.

THEN just when I thought that things couldn't go any better. Careful What You Wish For was signed on by Limitless Publishing! Yes, I have tried the publisher route before. I think that experience was a lesson for me on how to loosen the reigns and give control a rest. I'm excited to be working with Limitless, though. They have really made the transition, so far, really smooth and its just been awesome.

Careful What You Wish For will be re-released under their label August 12! EEEK!!! I should have a new cover soon, but don't worry, I'll be keeping you informed. I have a little break in between classes coming up here soon, so it will be dedicated to getting everything organized :D

What else. Oh! So, if having kids never made you feel old...when they go to school that changes. My son, he just finished his last day of 1st grade! I have a 2nd grader on my hands! WTH?? Where did time go?? Then if that wasn't adding salt to my wounds - my daughter...yep, she starts kindergarten soon! GAH! I can't believe it. Where did my babies go?? *sniff*

Now don't get me totally wrong when I say this... I will miss them, but I will also be happy to have at least the 3 hours of quiet when my daughter is gone. I guarantee I will cry when I see her get on the bus. No doubt about it. I will miss not having her around for the first couple of days, but OMG to shower without hearing, "Mama, when can we go...", "Mama, I'm hungry", "Mama, what are you doing?" *eye twitch* sometimes the word Mama is just like nails on the chalkboard. And now that my son is off track for the month of June...... the two of them can only stand to be next to each other for 15 minutes tops without the blood curdling screams taking place.....I'm sorry where was I? I seem to have entered a rant... LOL

Anyway, I promise I haven't forgotten about the few of you that possibly read this. Or go to my author page. I just have been swamped with...well, life. Be sure to keep in touch with me on my author page, because I have the cover reveal coming up and I'm still working on different stories here and there. I will be really tired by the end of the day, but I will have something for you soon :D


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