Monday, April 6, 2015

A letter to all the jobs I just applied for

Hi guys, so this is something that is out of the book world, but I have to get it down. This year has kind of thrown some curve balls and hit us. While we are able to walk the base, we somehow still get called out. We keep getting up to bat, but man... I've recently finished school and my kids are going to school now. SO that means, mommy needs to find a job. HOWEVER - I'm finding I'm getting skipped over. I wanted to write this letter somewhere, because obviously I don't want to send it to them and have them think I'm SUPER weird LOL.

Dear Possible Future Employer (or the one that just through my resume in the shred bin),

I have been a stay at home mom for the last seven years. Yep, SEVEN years without a full time job. I know that gap in employment is not ideal, some programs have updated. Hell, there have been, like, twelve new iphones that come out. Maybe not that many, but still, that's a long time without a job. I have worked part time/seasonal positions, and while they aren't on my resume (I don't think working for 3 months is ideal to brag about on a resume), I have worked. I could have stayed on with that company, however working overnight or even until one in the morning was not something I could handle with two kids.

I did go back to school. I got my Associates degree. Sure, nowadays it seems like everyone wants a  Bachelor's, because an Associates degree is almost like a high school diploma. It took me forever, while taking care of two kids, which I did go to school while I was pregnant with my daughter (I even had contractions while giving my final speech...that was fun). But, I finally finished and now I don't even know where I can work.

Sure, I asked for quite a bit on my application. I can hear your laughs from here. It's not that I feel that you have to pay me that amount because I'm older, wiser, and hell because I have a degree. Nope. It's because daycare costs are horrendous! I know it's not your problem and that's why you are passing me up. That amount of money is ridiculous and with two kids - you're probably thinking that I'm going to be missing work because they are sick or they have appointments. Sure, that might happen, but I can reassure you that I'm the hardest working person I know. Or that you'll know. One of the two. I find that once I get involved into a project, I enjoy it and put extra effort into my work. I also enjoy learning new things.

Also, for the last seven years - I may have not had an income, but I have had the hardest job ever. When I became a stay at home mom, I was 25. I didn't have a lot of patience, nor did I know how to multitask correctly. I didn't have the proper time management and I thought I would be the perfect manager, but not the right attitude. That since has all changed. I now know what it means to take your time and do it right. I have learned that there are things that are priority and things that really can wait. This job has been the most rewarding in a sense that I have learned the most and I have actually grown up.

I know you are still laughing at me about my pay, but I just want to let you know that - I may not have the long work history, nor the possible up to date information. I'm not a leper. I'm up to date on most technology and I promise that you take a chance on me and I promise I will be worth every cent.

Don't toss my resume JUST yet. At least doodle on it for a little bit.

Thanks for your time,


And that my friends is what I would LOVE to send to an employer hahah! Maybe this is really why I haven't received any phone calls haha!

On to book stuff! When I'm not writing these ridiculous letters, I've been writing a new story here and there. I am trying to get it to you, but with spring break and birthdays and seems like I don't get that much time. I promise - I'll keep you updated :D <3

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